Greg | 06/28/2020
 Made some great progress today on the platform. Users now have the ability to use their dashboard or "Home" as the default page.

Also this week, featured images were added to posts, which makes the blog format much nicer.
Kei | 06/27/2020
 Great colors in this photo! I hope to go visit the Yi Peng festival next year to take photos. Yi_Peng Post
Mark Taylor | 06/26/2020
 This is an interesting article about courage. It really feels as though things are really changing for the better this time. Lets hope this time the change is more permanent. Acts-of-Courage Post
Grant For the Web | 06/21/2020
 Thailand is amazing! I spent time there a few years ago. Yi_Peng Post
Hyperia | 06/21/2020
 Hello Geo,

I really enjoyed this post about Golden, Oregon. I hope to go there some day. Golden Post
Geo Nov, 24 2020