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Getting the most out of your content


Your 'Dashboard' acts as the control panel for your site on Geo. It includes your bio, three custom links, and access to the pages and posts you have on the platform. Here you can read and respond to messages and create new content in the form of blogs and individual articles. 


Expand your professional network, sharing messages, stories, and links with other users.


Edit pages directly in your browser. When in "edit mode," the menu bar allows you to create headlines, buttons, embed images, and videos. Third-party embeds, including social media posts, calendars, and forms can also be easily added to your pages. 

Every page and post has the option to have a custom header image.


Once your stories are published, users will be able to link to your 'Dashboard' and three personal sites of your choosing. Buttons are also included allowing users to share your content on their social media feeds.


In your profile settings, you will have the option to choose a logo to display on your page, choose custom brand colors, and set up links to off-site destinations for people to learn more about you.

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