This game has seen a few different lives. Originally, the idea was to create a game for space enthusiasts, a means to travel to the star systems that we are now getting detailed data from Nasa and other agencies. We worked with Astrobiologists and made some good headway on a multiplayer game that featured proximity voice chat and the ability to travel and beam to alien worlds.

This project is still something we hope to find traction for and will release this as an open-source project with Unity assets available for anyone who wants to get involved. We decided that given the science-based nature of the title, that making it free and opening it up to the community was the best path forward.

During the production of Starlight an idea of a more creative approach to space exploration started to take hold. After months of creating creatures, technology, and worlds that followed closely what we know about the physical universe, the idea of creating something that was only bound by our imagination started to look appealing. Soon, Exo was born.

Multiplayer games, especially with reliable voice-chat are challenging to develop. By being able to focus on the artwork and creative puzzle mechanics, a game started to evolve that was a nice mix of aesthetics and experience.

Similar to Journey and Abzu, our game puts the player in the role of an adventurer, traveling the galaxy, visiting exotic environments, and discovering alien life.

Things have matured nicely and we now have a game demo with three levels with 5 others in the works. Decode an alien language, colleting relics and discover the secret of the lost race.

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