• Superframe posted an update 2 years, 4 months ago

    We are closing in on the next update. There have been several gameplay enhancements that we are adding in response to user feedback.

    1) There is a walkthrough of the control mechanism at the beginning of the game.

    2) You can also save your progress so that you can return to where you were when you finished your last session.

    3) There are also 6 surveys added to each mission, which are optional. This gives players more to do.

    4) We have added a narrative layer, where Exo communicates through the portal with Mission Control. This gives more context and allows users to learn more about the research android and its mission.

    5) Better Game Controller controls, allowing both Xbox and PS4 controllers to be used.

    We will continue to incorporate feedback as long as good ideas keep coming, so thanks to everyone for that!

    Once things start to get more settled, we will be reaching out to streamers and reviewers.

    The bulk of our game is about exploration, but we are considering survival and combat along with some other ideas. If you have some ideas and want to help us design a next-gen space adventure, please let us know here, on Steam or Twitter (linked on the right)!