• Been working on the demo level in anticipation of Steam’s demo day.

    New temples, textures, jetpack rewrites, all new glyphs and audio, new plants which are now bioluminescent. I think this is good to go. New trailer, big marketing push, pre release hype…

  • The jetpack rewrite is done. The feedback we are getting from testers is that the anti-gravity floating was not as intuitive. We reworked the flying experience and everything feels more natural.

    This should be the last big coding push, at least for the demo. We can now focus on the colorful sci-fi environments that will make our game stand…[Read more]

  • We got our game uploaded and ready to sell on Steam. This proved to be easier than anticipated and decided to hold things there. Trying to figure out if I need another level or two for the demo, if I need a demo at all – or if free codes are the way to go. Probably need a demo at some point.

  • Next steps. We have completed the drone artwork and programming and also a camera mode that allows players to set up shots and save them to galleries.

    We also have implemented the UI, which is simple, but to the point.

    With the puzzle mechanic and artifact gathering mechanics in place, this puts us in striking distance for the demo. We will then…[Read more]

  • Our first trailer is live! 2 level demo is next, which is well underway. The UI and puzzle mechanics are in, so really, it is all about the details and cross-platform compatibility.

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    I got a preview of Art Engine for Unity this week. This looks like an incredible productivity tool for preparing art assets. Seam removal across all PBR maps, increasing resolution of low-res textures, jpeg artifact removal, and texture blending based on height values.

    Exciting stuff!

    [Read more]

  • We got the game up on Steam yesterday! We are close enough to a 3 level demo that we feel confident about a summer delivery. Now seemed like the right time, with the tone and mechanics of this effort largely in place.

  • Started using \’Later\’ today. I have always been a Buffer user, but Later takes all the pain out of the process and makes scheduling content enjoyable! It is highly recommended and even includes TikTok functionality.


  • Forgot the link – lol. Got some basic mobile styles in. https://superframe.media/

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  • We got the site up for the game today. Pretty simple, but gets people to right content!

  • Hello and welcome to the Exo page on Geo. I will be posting regular updates here and more complete development posts as well. We are passionate about this project, have a playable demo and 3 levels complete and several more to come.