Introducing Earthwire

Big Changes Coming for Geo

Geo, the popular website for environmental news and activism, is getting a major upgrade. The company announced today that it will be transitioning Geo from a website to a native mobile app called Earthwire.

Earthwire will be available on both iPhone and Android as a free, open-source, non-profit app. This shift to mobile is intended to make it transparent and more free from profit-driven agendas. Funding will come from .orgs and NGOs, with links to organizations working to improve our planet and communities.

The Earthwire app will maintain all the best parts of Geo while adding some great new features. Users will still be able to post updates to their feeds, create articles, and follow other activists and organizations. With the new updates, they will now be able to connect with sustainability entrepreneurs and read timely and relevant stories about the environment.

Earthwire will also allow users to write full-length blog articles, not just short posts. This will provide activists and writers a platform to share more in-depth content about environmental issues.

In addition to posts and articles, Earthwire will highlight convenient ways for users to donate to environmental causes directly through the app. This will make supporting important green initiatives seamless and simple.

The move to a dedicated mobile app marks an exciting evolution for Geo. Earthwire promises to maintain the community and activism Geo is known for while modernizing the user experience. We can expect the app to be released later this year.