How to use Geo

Once you are logged into your Geo account, there will be a membership button in the top toolbar that will take you to your dashboard.

Here you can create new articles, edit your profile picture, cover image, and set up your profile and Bio. This is where you will find your feed and a place to interact with others.

Clicking on ‘Manage Content” will take you to a screen where you can manage the articles that you write. You can keep multiple revisions and drafts.

All articles have one cover image and a content area, where you can add links, embeds, images, videos, and write copy. Your profile will also be listed and provide a link to your bio and two personal sites.

Articles can be edited directly in your browser. By clicking on the edit icon, you will enter into an ‘editing mode’ where the copy can be edited, media added and the header image updated.

Have more questions? Please let us know and we will get back with an answer right away!

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