In Search of Alien Life

Explore exotic exoplanets in search of alien life in the galaxy. Launched by the International Space Agency and traveling at close to the speed of light, the research android Exo is designed to visit habitable worlds and report on its findings to mission control back on Earth.

Discover alien civilizations, stellar phenomena, and unusual lifeforms as you make your way across the Galaxy. Along the way, you will encounter signs of a forgotten alien race and artifacts that tell a story about the mysteries of the Universe and the origins of the human race.

4-Level Demo

Exo is currently a one-level demo with a four-level beta and will launch as a full game late in 2023.  Early adopters will get all Exo upgrades free and an exclusive e-book with art from the game.

Traveling in Stasis

Going into stasis for the decades necessary to travel the distances between the stars, you have an unlimited lifespan. Learn about Earth’s future as you delve deeper into the galaxy and further forward in time. Every planet tells a story with creatures that have evolved to survive on planets that are at times hostile and always breathtakingly beautiful.

Exploration and Discovery

The focus of Exo is on exploration and discovery. Equipped with an interstellar jump drive, a high-performance jetpack, and a research drone to help you along your way, you are on a mission to find exotic species and explore alien landscapes.

Things don’t always go as expected and you will need to balance the needs of the space agency with changing conditions on Earth with your mission directives.

Coming to Steamdeck, PC, Mac and PCVR.