Lost in Time and Space

Explore Exotic Exoplanets on a Search for Alien Life

Stunning Science Fiction Adventure

Discover new life, sentient species, and exotic exoplanets in this third-person exploration game from Superframe. Play as a research android launched from Earth to explore the Galaxy. Hundreds of light years from home, and traveling far into the future, travel at close to the speed of light to neighboring exoplanets thought to harbor life.

4-Level Upgrade

Superframe is pleased to announce a 4-Level content upgrade for our immersive sci-fi adventure Exo. This early-release title is shooting for a full release late in 2023.  The current price reflects the amount of content currently available and when the product launches all early-release customers will receive the full game and an art ebook free.

Immersive Adventure

With a focus on exploration, this game finds you exploring alien landscapes and communicating your findings back to Mission Control back on Earth. As you travel among the stars, you will encounter signs of a lost alien race. Follow in their footsteps as you voyage to exoplanets that orbit within the habitable zone of their host stars.

Finding alien species, discovering sentient lifeforms, and collecting alien relics are some of the tasks you will need to accomplish to complete your missions. Equipped with a star drive, a powerful jetpack, and a research drone to help you map the worlds you visit, you have everything you need to explore the Galaxy.

Solar-Powered with an Unlimited Lifespan.

As a solar-powered android, you have an unlimited lifespan and the ability to explore indefinitely. Traveling in stasis for the many years it takes to travel the Cosmos, conditions on Earth are constantly evolving. With voyages lasting decades, each time Exo reports back home, life for humanity has changed as does the role of the space agency and your role as Earth’s envoy to the stars. 

Key Features:

  • Travel the Galaxy as a solar-powered research android with an unlimited lifespan
  • Explore habitable exoplanets that have been discovered here on earth
  • Discover and record alien species, sentient life, and archeological relics
  • Solve puzzles left behind by an alien race communicating in Earth’s most ancient written language
  • Map alien terrains with a helper drone that travels with you
  • Communicate your findings to Mission Control on Earth with quantum communication technology
  • Follow events on Earth as you travel deeper into the Cosmos and farther forward in time
  • Uncover the mystery of a lost race and learn about our origins in the Universe


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