Social spaces have become polluted with profit-driven agendas and toxic conversations. Spaces that were once home to creators and business professionals have been overrun by political discussions.

There is a growing call for regulation in the social media space as the world reacts to corporate and political interests taking advantage of free advertising and a newfound source of digital manipulation.

What is needed is a non-profit social media and content platform that allows users to make revenue off their screen-time, instead of making tech giants even richer.


There is a growing call for a more unified platform that will allow content creators to earn revenue from the content that they create. Platforms like Kickstarter, GoFundMe, and Patreon offer fragmented solutions for connecting content creators with audiences willing to support their work. 

There are new efforts to consolidate audience-funded projects, where users pay a low monthly fee and gain access to a wide variety of premium content. 


Geo puts these two pieces together. All accounts on our platform are vetted, and we will always delete accounts that promote violence or any kind of discrimination. This is not a place for affiliate marketing or profit-driven startups. 

If you are a writer, artist, traveler, journalist or organization focused on improving our environment and communities, you are welcome on our platform.

Content Creation Meets Social Media:

Users of Geo not only benefit from a safe and secure platform to do their writing, and they can also network with like-minded individuals by posting to their timeline, writing, and responding to private and public messages.

This allows people to interact in a more meaningful way, encouraging long-format discussion, and more thoughtful feedback.

Users in underserved or disadvantaged communities are encouraged to participate and in this capacity, Geo provides an opportunity, allowing users from around the world to interact and make connections.


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Adding web monetization to your Geo account is easy and free. Once you have completed these steps, you will start getting paid for the content that you create on the site. You can also mark specific posts to be only visible to paying members. With web monetization, users pay a flat $5/month and with this gain access to exclusive content on Geo as well as premium sites like Imgur, Cinnamon Video, Twitch, and writers and bloggers across the web.

Learn more about “Web Monetization”

Free for Creators

While accessing exclusive content means signing up for a monthly service, creators can set this up and start getting paid for free. It is as easy as signing up for a free Geo account and following the steps outlined below.

Signing up for a free “Coil” account

You will need to have a “Coil” and “Uphold” account. This process is well documented here: 


This process only takes about 5 minutes.

Adding your payment pointer to Geo

Once you have signed up for “Coil”, you will be issued a payment pointer. Signing up for a “Coil” account will not only allow you to monetize your content on Geo, but also other partners like Twitch and YouTube.

Copy this from the Settings->Monetize Content page within Coil. 

And paste it into your Geo profile.


Marking Content as Exclusive to Paying Members

You can choose which content you want to show to non-paying customers. If a web monetized user visits your pages, you will always be paid, but this can act as an incentive to get people to sign up. 

When you are creating a post, you have the option to add tags, which allows users to search your posts. If you include the tag ‘monetize,’ this content will be marked as exclusive.


That is it! Once you have completed these steps, only the content you choose is available to the public and all of your posts can start generating revenue.



This game has seen a few different lives. Originally, the idea was to create a game for space enthusiasts, a means to travel to the star systems that we are now getting detailed data from Nasa and other agencies. We worked with Astrobiologists and made some good headway on a multiplayer game that featured proximity voice chat and the ability to travel and beam to alien worlds.

This project is still something we hope to find traction for and will release this as an open-source project with Unity assets available for anyone who wants to get involved. We decided that given the science-based nature of the title, that making it free and opening it up to the community was the best path forward.

During the production of Starlight an idea of a more creative approach to space exploration started to take hold. After months of creating creatures, technology, and worlds that followed closely what we know about the physical universe, the idea of creating something that was only bound by our imagination started to look appealing. Soon, Exo was born.

Multiplayer games, especially with reliable voice-chat are challenging to develop. By being able to focus on the artwork and creative puzzle mechanics, a game started to evolve that was a nice mix of aesthetics and experience.

Similar to Journey and Abzu, our game puts the player in the role of an adventurer, traveling the galaxy, visiting exotic environments, and discovering alien life.

Things have matured nicely and we now have a game demo with three levels with 5 others in the works. Decode an alien language, colleting relics and discover the secret of the lost race.

Direct press inquiries here: greg@superframemedia.com


GDC 2019 was a good success for us. We got great feedback and met some influential industry professionals. We presented our pitch deck for “Sipher” to a few individuals in the gaming community and received some much-needed feedback. We also got a few people to play our game. Self-contained VR headsets are great to bring to events like this.

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How to use Geo

Once you are logged into your Geo account, there will be a membership button in the top toolbar that will take you to your dashboard.

Here you can create new articles, edit your profile picture, cover image, and set up your profile and Bio. This is where you will find your feed and a place to interact with others.

Clicking on ‘Manage Content” will take you to a screen where you can manage the articles that you write. You can keep multiple revisions and drafts.

All articles have one cover image and a content area, where you can add links, embeds, images, videos, and write copy. Your profile will also be listed and provide a link to your bio and two personal sites.

Articles can be edited directly in your browser. By clicking on the edit icon, you will enter into an ‘editing mode’ where the copy can be edited, media added and the header image updated.

Have more questions? Please let us know and we will get back with an answer right away!

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The Treehouse


High above the noise and frantic energy of Honolulu, a century-old banyan tree serves as the spiritual and structural backbone for a series of interconnected dwellings known as “The Treehouse.” Attached to the open lanai of a Japanese style home and looking down onto the beaches of Waikiki, this is a network of people focused on the future and living in harmony with their surroundings.

A Living Jungle


From the street, what looks to be a typical suburban home gives way to a structure that defies any sense and what we are accustomed. Visitors meet with familiar furnishings that transition seamlessly into a living jungle. There are no double-paned windows or plaster walls to offer protection. This is life in the raw, at the center of an unruly and electrified natural world. High above a tropical river, hand-crafted structures are strung together with vines and intuition, thin mosquito nets offering little comfort against strong winds and a teeming ecosystem. Here you are vulnerable, one amongst thousands of creatures out to survive the night.

This adventure requires the trust of a guide and whatever battery is left on your cell phone. There are several levels, some more sturdy than others, some only accessible to those who are athletic enough to reach them. It is up to the visitor how far this goes, every step over sixty feet in the air.  When the night finally relents, a chorus of birds takes center stage, leaving those who stay relieved and thankful to be a part of the natural world.

Marine Debris


The treehouse stands in opposition to a selfish and myopic society with those who come here dedicated to improving the environment and our communities. The dwellings, fishnets, rope bridges, everything that you encounter has been reclaimed from the ocean. At times, it is hard to distinguish where the recycling ends and the tree begins. There are no right angles here, only twisting stairways and relics of faded decades. Staying as nature’s guest leaves a lasting impression of conservation, making do with what we have and hope for the future.


Geo offers a curated community space. This gives you the peace of mind to know that you are networking with other professionals and artists. If you are a traveler, artist, organization, or activist working to bring positive change to our communities, we would love to have you!

Geo is free for good causes. If you would like to sign up for an account, please fill out the form below telling us a little about your project and someone will get back to you shortly.

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Geo is an open-source publishing platform that allows users to generate revenue from the content they create. Network with other professionals, sharing stories and feedback in a safe space that allows users to earn revenue from their content instead of spending their screentime making tech giants even richer.


“Coil” is a network of users who pay a monthly fee to gain access to content for a variety of services including Geo, Imgur, Cinnamon Video, and Twitch. Start making revenue for the content that you create. This tutorial will walk you through the steps necessary to get started.


Your ‘Dashboard’ is your front page where users can learn more about you and join your personal network. Here you can update your profile, connect with friends, and create and manage your content.


Geo allows you to edit articles and upload images and videos directly from the front-end of your website. Create, share and monetize your content quickly and easily.